How to Take Jammed Galvanized Screws Out of Marine Equipment

Last Updated on January 12, 2023 by Marsh Fasteners

Every handyman’s worst nightmare is a screw that just won’t budge. Whether it is stripped, glued, warped or jammed, a stuck screw is a surefire way to ruin a day. At Marsh Fasteners, we understand the frustration behind trying to get out some old marine fasteners, so we have created this helpful guide which hopefully will turn your job into a breeze:


  • Option 1: The Scientific Method
    Often times, the screw becomes jammed in place due to rust that has formed over it. At Marsh Fasteners, our screws are corrosion resistant so this is not a problem you will be experiencing with us. But nonetheless, we know how to deal with these old screws. If the rust is what is holding the screw in place, it stands to reason that removing the rust will loosen the screw.  Coca-Cola, lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide all strip rust quite well. Pour some over the screw, let it sit for a while and try again.


  • Option 2: Twist It Some More
    This may seem counter-intuitive, but attempt to tighten the screw a little bit. The motion might dislodge it and make it easier to unscrew. Alternatively, secure a wrench around the head to get a little more leverage and lightly tap it to the same effect.


  • Option 3: Hot and Cold
    It is a well-known fact that metals expand and contract with temperature; use this to your advantage when trying to loosen a screw. Use a propane torch or soldering iron to heat up the screw (ensure you won’t cause heat or fire damage to the surrounding materials) and then cool it down quickly with ice. Hopefully, the expansion and contraction will have loosened it.


  • Option 4: Break It
    Sometimes you have no recourse left but to cut your losses and break the screw. Use a hammer and chisel to break it in half at the head, or drill a hole through the center and break it. Remove the remains with pliers and replace it with a corrosion resistant screw.


Marsh Fasteners

For over 20 years Marsh Fasteners has been supplying corrosion resistant marine fasteners to Florida. With these fasteners, rust is not an issue so jammed screws are less common. For more information, contact us today.

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