Stainless Steel Nails & Deck Screws

Stainless Steel Nails and Deck Screws

At Marsh Fasteners, we stock a complete line of stainless steel nails and deck screws. Whether you need deck nails for framing or siding, or decking screws for pressure treated, composites or hardwoods, we have what you need.

We also stock a complete line of Stainless Steel collated fasteners, from stainless steel nails and stainless steel staples to stainless steel brads.

Our extensive inventory allows us to offer you the most competitive pricing and fastest delivery of your stainless steel decking nails and screws. And we stock these products in both 18-8 / 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel to meet all of your needs.

Please visit the individual departments for the most popular sizes of stainless steel Nails and Deck screws in our store, or contact us at 800 453-4642 for prompt service.