Machining & Cutting, Finishing, Assembly & Kitting Services

At Marsh Fasteners we are pleased to offer a wide variety of services for either a fastener finish (performance) or assembly (Time) taken into account Our services are offered to make your fastener purchases easier and more profitable. Please review the standard list of services and give us a call with any questions. Not all services are offered on all fasteners. We will work hard to quote your request, and appreciated the opportunity to be your stainless steel fastener vendor.


Machining & Cutting

We offer a Large IN-House shop for the cutting and machining of fasteners. From short runs to bulk, prototyping and specials, call us with your request and we'll work hard to get you a solid and accurate quote, or work to offer and alternative. These services include Cutting ( all styles), Drilling, Buffing, Bending and many others. Just give us a call.
See some of our custom stainless steel brackets, angles and plates.



  • Passivation: Done to create the passive film on the fastener for better corrosion resistance.
  • Painting: Painting of the fasteners to general or specific colors.
  • Plating: Nickel Chrome Plating on Stainless Steel. Certain sizes are stock-volume required for specials.
  • Oxides: Black Oxide Fasteners-Certain sizes stock, specials require volume.
  • Buffing & polishing: Available on request. No minimum.


Assembly & Kitting

  • Kitting: Create specific "kits" to customer specification. Quote base only. Based on volume & additional requirements (IE: labeling, part#, etc.)
  • Assembling: Assembling of fasteners IE: Tek screws with bonded washers.