Stainless Steel Bolts

At Marsh Fasteners, we stock a complete line of stainless steel bolts, from stainless steel hex bolts and stainless steel lag bolts to stainless steel carriage bolts and stainless steel cap bolts. Our extensive inventory of all these categories allows us to offer you the most competitive pricing, whether you’re looking for a box or a pallet.

We stock these products in both 18-8 / 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel.

Please visit the individual departments for the most popular sizes of stainless steel bolts in our store, or contact us at 800 453-4642 for prompt service. When ordering, please specify if you need the stainless steel nuts or stainless steel washers with the bolts.

FAQs on Bolts

What are the marks shown on the head of a bolt?
The marks shown on the head of a bolt represent the hardness of the bolt. No marks indicate the softest bolt, whereas three marks indicate medium hardness and six marks indicate the hardest.

What grade are stainless steel bolts?
Usually, stainless steel bolts come in 18-8/304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel grades.

What is best for sealing stainless steel bolts on outboards motors?
A high-quality marine silicone or marine polyurethane are both good options to consider when it comes to sealing stainless steel bolts on outboards motors.

Why do stainless steel bolts seize?
When the bare metal meets, it will shear or cold-weld together. As you tighten further, the weld strengthens and the fastener will eventually seize. If tightening continues, it will lead to severe damage to the threads.

How to stop stainless steel bolts from seizing?
A lower RPM should be used when tightening stainless steel bolts. An anti-galling lubricant may also help to prevent seizing.

What bolts and screws should be used for fibreglass boats?
Stainless steel (these are the strongest) or brass bolts and screws are both good options. To avoid rust and other problems, be sure to steer clear of galvanized alternatives.

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