Quick Drive QDPRO300SG2

Fastening versatility: decks, subfloor, sheathing, more. Easy to master. Effortless to use. The QDPRO300SG2 increases production while reducing labor, injury, waste, and expense.

Features of the Quick Drive Pro 300

  • Expanded depth settings for high-density flooring materials
  • Reversible and replaceable non-skid teeth attachment
  • Uniform toenailing and countersink on slick surfaces
  • Sure-Grip guide tube increases stability for a broad range of screws
  • For use with any Quik Drive G2-equipped screwgun
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Available as individual attachment or PROCCS System

PROCCS Combo System Includes:

  • QDPRO300SG2 Attachment
  • QDA158G2 Attachment
  • Choice of DeWalt® or Makita® Screwgun
  • Extension for stand-up driving
  • Quiver keeps screws at your fingertips
  • Tool case

quick drive nose gun

Applications for the Quick Drive Pro 300 System

  • Subflooring to wood or steel
  • Wall plates, stair treads, sheathing
  • Decks and docks
  • Fiber cement siding-to-steel

Quick Drive DCL Screw

 Non-skid teeth are
reversible and replaceable

quick drive screw

Sure-Grip guide tube
increases stability for a broad
range of screws.

Quick Drive Pro 300 Specifications

  • Length: 10.75 inches
  • Weight: 26 ounces
Quick Drive Screws accepted

Accepts These Screws

CBSDQ Series
DTHQ Series
SS3DSC Series
WSC Series
WSNTL Series
DCTE Series

DCL Series
PPSD Series
SSDTH Series

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