How to Install Composite Decking with Hidden Fasteners

If you are considering installing composite decking somewhere, aside from settling on a color, shape, and size for the decking, you will be faced with another tough decision – do you install the decking using screws or hidden fasteners? While screws are the traditional choice,...
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How to Use Self-Tapping Screws

  • What Is a Self-Tapping Screw?
  A self-tapping screw forms its own hole and taps its own thread as it is driven into various, different materials. Self-tapping screws are available in just about every type of screw head design available in the market. The most common...
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How to Use a Drill for Screws

Everyone hates the painful task of turning a screw in by hand with a screwdriver. Can an electric drill be used, in much the same way as a screwdriver, to turn in or remove screws, you may ask? Well quite simply, the answer to that...
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