Types of Stainless Steel Marine Fasteners

We often get asked about marine grade fasteners – it makes sense that it would be a common request here in Jupiter! Since these grades of fasteners are common features of our FAQs, we thought we would dedicate this blog not only to explaining what...
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How to Build a Deck at Home

It’s about time to get started on that deck you’ve always wanted! It can be quite a big job... But, it’s not too difficult to manage once you get into it. And, provided you have all the right tools, of course! Marsh...
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How to Install Hidden Deck Fasteners

If you are keen to preserve the smooth, seamless appearance of your deck, then you may want to consider using hidden deck fasteners as opposed to using traditional screws. Here is how to install hidden deck fasteners to perfection.  Installing Hidden Deck Fasteners   
  • Select the Right...
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