2506, 2024

10 Essential Fasteners Every DIY Enthusiast Should Have in Their Toolkit

June 25, 2024|General|

Having a good toolkit is very important for people trying DIY projects. Many tools and materials will be needed, but essential fasteners are also significant because they hold everything together. Fasteners are small yet significantly impact projects, as things can fall apart without them. Marsh Fasteners knows that picking the correct [...]

606, 2023

Understanding Markings and Grades on Nuts and Bolts

June 6, 2023|General|

If you are new to working with nuts and bolts, you may find the markings on their heads quite confusing. However, understanding nut and bolt grades can help you choose the right fastener for your project and avoid costly damage. Here are the most common types of screw and bolt head [...]

301, 2023

A Guide to Stainless Steel Hose Clamps and Their Uses

January 3, 2023|General|

Most people don’t realize how essential hose clamps are. At Marsh Fasteners, we and our wholesale customers know how the daily lives of people are made easier because of hose clamps. It allows them to wash dishes and put sheets and towels through the washer. Homes are comfortable to live in [...]

410, 2022

What is a Turnbuckle and How Do You Use It?

October 4, 2022|General|

Not to be confused with tubercles, the large bumps whales have for improved hydrodynamic performance, turnbuckles are all around you! A mere two miles down W Indiantown Rd from Marsh Fasteners, you will find them in a local boxing club. Three miles in another direction, and turnbuckles abound at Admiral’s Cove [...]

1003, 2022

What is the Effect of Temperature on Fasteners?

March 10, 2022|General|

Avoid any costly surprises in the field by understanding the effect of temperature on fasteners. The temperature of the environment in which a fastener is used can significantly affect its performance. While this is not limited to extremes and includes changes in ambient temperatures, high heat and freezing cold settings are [...]

1502, 2021

Which Fasteners You Can Use With Aluminum Without Corroding?

February 15, 2021|General|

Thanks to its properties - lightweight, flexibility, strength – aluminum is a popular choice of metal. Choosing fasteners for aluminum, on the other hand, is complicated by aluminum’s tendency to react negatively with other metallic substances, leading to corrosion. To simplify the selection of an appropriate option, here is a breakdown [...]

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