3 Types Of Silicon Bronze Bolts For Your Projects

Last Updated on February 22, 2024 by Marsh Fasteners

Silicon bronze bolts are the perfect fastener if you work in an environment where creating a spark is high risk. They are also a good choice for coastal and marine environments. The bolts are manufactured from silicon bronze, a low-lead brass alloy consisting of more than ninety percent copper and less than six percent silicon. Bronze silicon also includes alloys such as tin, manganese, iron, and zinc. 

Why is silicon added to bronze? Bronze is corrosion and metal-fatigue-resistant with high electrical and thermal conductivity. Although it is hard, the addition of tin causes some brittleness. Adding silicon strengthens the bronze, makes it self-lubricating, and even more corrosion resistant. 

Marsh Fasteners has been a wholesale supplier of quality stainless steel fasteners and hardware in Jupiter, FL, since 1992. Although we are primarily a wholesale supplier of stainless steel fasteners, we also have a range of bronze fasteners. We share more about our silicon bronze bolt range and their various uses.

Types of Silicon Bronze Bolts 

Do you want an aesthetically beautiful bolt for your boat or furniture project? Do you work for an electric utility or telecommunications company and need fasteners with non-spark and non-magnetic properties? Get silicon bronze bolts from Marsh Fasteners! We stock three types in various sizes and lengths. 

Silicon bronze hex head bolts. These bolts are also known as hex cap screws or hex head cap screws, even though they are fully threaded bolts. They are often used for electrical installations and water utilities. 

Silicon bronze carriage bolts. Also called silicon bronze coach bolts or round-head square neck bolts, they have a domed head with a square section under the head designed to lock the bolt into position when used in soft materials. These bolts will complement any boat design where you combine different types of wood or fasten steel to wood.   

Silicon bronze oval strut bolts. Sometimes called oval head strut bolts, bearing bolts, or rudder port bolts, they are used extensively in the running gear of boats, yachts, and other watercraft. 

We also have silicon bronze slotted and Frearson/Phillips wood screws, flat slot machine screws, round head slotted machine screws, threaded rods, flat washers, lock washers and hex nuts. Marsh Fasteners has a large in-house shop where we can cut and machine special fasteners for you.

Uses For Silicon Bronze Bolts   

Silicon bronze bolts can be used in several ways, from the decorative to the practical. They are excellent for water and electric utilities and the oil and gas industry. On the aesthetic side, they are a beautiful choice when you build wooden boats and outdoor structures, create sculptures, or use copper in an architectural design. Especially when you allow the green patina of the silicon bronze copper content to come through.   

Is Silicon Bronze Stronger than Stainless Steel?

There are many opinions when you ask which is stronger, silicon bronze or stainless steel? What we do know at Marsh Fasteners is that both have shared properties such as corrosion resistance and high strength. Silicon bronze fasteners, however, stand out when you need bolts and other items for projects where you work with hazardous or explosive materials, as they cannot produce a spark when struck. 

Benefits of Silicon Bronze Bolts

Using silicon bronze bolts on your projects is the right decision. What benefits do they offer? Silicon bronze bolts are self-lubricating due to the silicon content, so wear and tear are less in bearings and heavy loads. We previously mentioned their non-magnetic, non-spark characteristics and that they are strong. The bolts offer extreme corrosion resistance against salt water, brines, gasses, and sulfates. Silicon bronze carriage bolts have a smooth-looking finish if your focus is aesthetics.  Whether you work in utilities or specialize in boat building, Marsh Fasteners has the perfect silicon bronze bolts for your project. Shop online now!  

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