What is the Difference between Strength, Rigidity, and Hardness?

When it comes to different materials, you will likely have heard the terms ‘strength’, ‘rigidity’ and ‘hardness’. You will also probably have wondered what these terms really mean. We have the details and the facts:  
  • What is Strength? 
Strength is what you think it is – a material’s...
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WEF TEC 2018

Marshfasteners was lucky enough to exhibit our products at WEF TEC 2018. The Water Environment Federation's Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference is an exhibition that is all about generating awareness and drawing attention to public health and the environment in terms of water usage and safety. Who is...
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How to Use Self-Tapping Screws

If you are in the midst of a project, you are probably wondering whether or not to use self-tapping screws. The good news is that these types of screws are easy to use and offer a number of benefits. For example, the vast majority of self-tapping screws...
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The Different Types of Screws

When it comes to fasteners, screws are extremely common. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, each of which has a unique application. It is important not to get confused between screws and bolts. While they serve a very similar purpose, small fasteners are...
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5 Ways to Remove A Stripped Screw

Every maritime or DIY enthusiast will have inevitably encountered and spent hours trying to remove a stripped screw. Stripped screws often call for a little out of the box thinking, but the result can be effective – especially if you want to remove the screw without...
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