Plastic or Stainless Steel Marine Fasteners?

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April 11, 2016

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Marsh Fasteners

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The debate on the best marine fasteners to use for coastal construction has been going on for a number of years. It is common to find proponents of both sides advocating for their preferred fasteners and back it up with reasons for their choice. At Marsh Fasteners we prefer marine fasteners that are made of stainless steel because they offer benefits that are far above the alternatives available in the market. The manufacturer and suppliers that distribute these fasteners are known to only offer high quality products that will last long and be effective in their functions.
Why stainless steel marine fasteners are the best
If you choose stainless steel fasteners over the plastic ones, here are some benefits that you will enjoy during and after completing your marine construction.

  • No corrosion

In most cases, when steel and water come into contact, the result is corrosion. However, with marine fasteners made from stainless steel, this is not the case as they are able to resist corrosion exceptionally well, making them a good choice for marine construction.

  • Easy to install

Stainless steel marine fasteners can be easily welded onto a number of surfaces without causing any damage. Most times the fasteners blend in so well that they are hardly noticeable after the construction work is completed. Always choose the correct grade of fasteners to ensure that it fits well on the preferred surface.

  • Exceptionally resilient

Marine fasteners made from stainless steel are much stronger than their plastic counterparts and can be used with materials that would normally be hard to hold together. This stiffness seen with steel fasteners should give you peace of mind when using them for any type of coastal construction.

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