Quality tests for stainless steel marine fasteners

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June 20, 2016

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Marsh Fasteners

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When it comes to marine applications, vehicles, crafts and other marine equipment and products, the type of marine fasteners used is vitally important. The equipment or vehicle in question might be designed for exceptional use in marine environments, but if the fasteners corrode or don’t live up to their expectations, you can experience poor performance, unnecessary expenses and of course potential danger.

A number of tests can be carried out on marine fasteners to determine which fasteners are best in certain situations and marine environments. The conditions that the fastener will be exposed to will determine how effective and durable it is. For instance, 316 stainless stainless steel bolts or brass carriage bolts might be ideal in some marine situations, but in instances where the equipment will be used to dive deep and will be placed under immense pressure, these items will not be able to cope.

There are 3 main quality control tests to ensure that the stainless steel marine fasteners are durable and able to withstand potentially extreme conditions:

  • Corrosion tests – typically speaking, fasteners manufactured from alloys that don’t corrode easily are used in the marine environment. If you are using alloys that might corrode, they should be tested for speed of corrosion. This is an essential test for fasteners that are submerged for extended periods of time.
  • Chemical analysis – this is to determine how the fastener will react to the surrounding water and any chemicals present. Galvanic corrosion is a type of chemical reaction of two metals with each other – this is an important test to carry out. Knowing how a metal reacts with other metals and with water and chemicals is critical.
  • Pressure tests – every fastener has its breaking point and so it is important that you know precisely how much pressure your chosen fasteners can withstand. A fastener failure due to excessive pressure can have a detrimental, even fatal outcome.

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