Why Stainless Steel Fasteners are Ideal to Use on Treated Timber

Last Updated on March 13, 2023 by Marsh Fasteners

Pressure treated wood is most commonly used for construction in areas exposed to harsh outside conditions. The chemicals used to treat this type of wood changed in 2004 in a bid to remove many of the harmful and dangerous substances used in the treatment of the lumber, including arsenic. This change in treatment increases the corrosivity of the wood when it comes into contact with metal. Below we’ll take a closer look at why you should only be using reputable stainless steel fasteners manufacturers and quality industrial consumables when it comes to pressure treated wood.

Two of the most popular chemicals used in the pressure treatment of wood include copper azole and alkaline copper quaternary, both of which are highly corrosive. Making use of fasteners or consumables made from metals that can’t resist these corrosive qualities will seriously affect the structural integrity of your build. There are only two recommended corrosion resistant systems which should be used with pressure treated wood: hot-dip galvanized steel and stainless steel fasteners and industrial consumables. One of the best reasons for using hot-dip galvanized steel is that it is remarkably resistant to corrosion, whilst effectively resisting the chemicals that have been used to treat the lumber.

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