How to apply lubrication on nuts & bolts

Last Updated on January 12, 2022 by Marsh Fasteners

You need to apply enough lubricant so every thread is covered. Although this seems like an excessive amount of lubricant, it ensures that all parts that can experience friction are covered. 

To properly apply lubricant, you need to know how to ensure all parts of the nut and bolt threads are filled. To do this you need to tighten the nut or bolt until you see lubrication releasing from the bottom of the nut or bolt. The extruding lubrication is an indicator that all parts have been adequately lubricated. Your target bolt load should reach around 40 Ksi, although this will vary depending on the type of lubrication you are using.

What lubricant should you use?

In the past nickel-based lubricants were often used due to their high heat resistance. Industries have recently moved to molybdenum disulfide or “moly” lubrication. Moly lubricants are known for being the best type of lube for assembly as it does not cause hydrogen-induced cracking. 

MarshFasteners stainless steel fasteners don’t need much lubrication as corrosion isn’t a necessary factor, however, lubrication has many benefits. Without pre-assembly lubrication, it will be difficult to replace and maintain nuts and bolts without destroying stainless steel fasteners (leading to an increase in costs and damages). Lubrication for nuts and bolts can reduce any negative effects that arise in these cases. You can also utilize lubrication to help the metals fit together without damaging each other.

MarshFasteners stainless steel nuts & bolts

Now that you know the advantages of lubrication and how to properly lubricate nuts and bolts, you are going to need to find quality stainless steel products for your business or project requirements. MarshFasteners is a wholesale supplier of bulk sales for stainless steel nuts and bolts, stainless steel products, stainless steel fasteners, and lubrication for nuts and bolts. We stock a complete line of standard and specialty items that come in a diverse range of sizes and prices.

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