What is a stainless steel threaded rod and what is it used for?

Last Updated on July 1, 2020 by Marsh Fasteners

A stainless steel threaded rod is a fastener which is also known as a stud. Studs are made up of a long rod which has threading on both ends. Threading is a helical structure used to convert between rotational and linear movement or force. The presence of threading enables nuts, bolts, and other fasteners to easily screw onto the rod.

Stainless steel threaded rod is used in sectors such as construction, marine, automotive, plumbing, and manufacturing. The studs are useful in any process where easy assembly and speed is required plus where there is a need to withstand high levels of tension and pressure.

There are many uses of stainless steel threaded rod:

  • For use with most standard size fasteners.
  • These fasteners can be used to join wood or metal together, acting as a pin to connect the two materials.
  • They are often inserted into concrete or wood during a repair, and can be used to stabilize structures ranging from wooden furniture to concrete walls.
  • Builders and contractors may also use a threaded rod when constructing homes or other types of buildings.
  • These threaded studs are also popular with metalworkers when building furniture or consumer goods.
  • For temporary down ceiling purposes.
  • For special purpose machineries where proper alignment is required.

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