Fasteners and Their Different Uses

Last Updated on January 12, 2023 by Marsh Fasteners

In our previous blog, we took a look at the many different types of fasteners in existence out there and the way in which they are generally categorized. In this blog, we take things a step further and examine the different uses of such fasteners within the various different industries, including marine, industrial, solar and water and utilities.


Marine/Boat Building/Marine Fabrication

The type of fasteners used in the marine industry vary, however, many opt for bronze, stainless steel and plated or coated steels as these tend to maintain corrosion resistance even without the presence of oxygen, which is essential considering that the fastener will be submerged in water a vast majority of the time.



Fasteners are commonplace within the industrial world, with most companies making use of carriage bolts, machine bolts and J-bolts. The key here is stability and durability.



Solar Fasteners are always essential when it comes to successfully mounting solar panels. In these instances, most professionals make use of aluminium bolts and screws as they promise durability and superior lightweight qualities.


Water and Utilities

When it comes to constructing and maintaining community water and wastewater systems, marine fasteners are of the utmost importance. Generally stainless steel fasteners are the ideal choice for businesses related to water, such as water treatment plants and pump manufacturers.

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