Fasteners for Mounting Solar Panels

Last Updated on January 12, 2023 by Marsh Fasteners

In this age of ‘going green’ and sustainable energy, you’ve likely looked into mounting solar panels on your roof or somewhere on your property. The benefits to mounting solar panels are numerous, among them being less reliant on the national grid, a smaller electricity bill, and a smaller carbon footprint. However, one must be aware that these panels are expensive and will be left outside to the mercy of the elements. So, as such, they must be properly secured. Luckily, Marsh Fasteners has the marine fasteners that will give you that peace of mind.


Mounting the Panels

When mounting solar panels, the most important consideration is the angle of the solar panel. Mounting it at the correct angle will maximize the amount of sun rays it is exposed to thereby maximizing its efficiency.

Ideally, there are two ways to mount your solar panels:

  1. Directly onto your roof, or
  2. On a free standing pole somewhere in your property.

Both of these methods will require some form of faster to maintain both their position and angle, and ensure they do not come crashing down to earth.

1. The First Method: Directly on Your Roof

This method employs lightweight aluminum fasteners to mount the panels directly to the roof. The angle is provided by the slope of the roof and the fasteners are chosen to be aluminum as they don’t weigh as much as their steel counterparts and are corrosion resistant so they can safely be put into operation outside.

2. The second Method: On a Free Standing Pole Located in Your Property

This method employs the mounting of the panels on a pole. Ideally a stainless steel pole should be used to combat corrosion. The panels are then fastened onto an adjustable strut allowing for a change in angle over the course of the year. Marine grade fasteners are preferred as corrosion should be avoided.


Marsh Fasteners

For over 20 years, Marsh Fasteners have been the best supplier of marine grade fasteners in Florida. While many think that marine fasteners are used solely for boats, this is not true. Their corrosion resistant attributes make them ideally suited to any outdoor application. For more information, contact us today.

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