What is Thread Galling?

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December 17, 2018

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Marsh Fasteners


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Thread galling (also known as “cold welding”) is a form of wear and contact seizing that occurs in metal due to friction and pressure. It is commonly seen in stainless steel fasteners. When galling occurs, the fasteners need to be removed, resulting in damage to surfaces and equipment (leading to unexpected costs). It is therefore important to slow down the process of galling and prevent it as much as possible.

How to prevent galling?

Certain types of fasteners are prone to galling and it may be difficult to prevent the process. Fasteners with fine threads, for example, are more at risk of galling than those with coarse threads. Materials prone to galling can include stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum fasteners. When dealing with galled fasteners, you will have difficulty withs disassembly and will have to remove the affected fasteners forcibly and replace them. Thankfully, there are however steps you can take to prevent galling.

Steps to prevent galling

  • The installation of fasteners is especially important when it comes to preventing galling. Slow the installation process by using manual installation, in place of power tools that produce more heat (which aggravates friction and subsequently galling).
  • Use lubricants and anti-seizing compounds when performing installations.
  • Keep surfaces clean from dust and dirt.
  • Smooth rough edges as rough surfaces tend to gall more than smooth surfaces.
  • Don’t use bolts to pull joints together. Position them correctly before you install the bolts.
  • Consider electropolishing, a technique that helps to counter the effect of corrosion on fasteners made of stainless steel.

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