Types of Fasteners Used for Boat Building

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August 20, 2018

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Marsh Fasteners

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There are a variety of kinds marine-grade fasteners designed specifically for the unique needs of boat-building – with boats utilizing a huge range of custom designed marine standard and custom-made fasteners for application on every area of a boat – from windshield fasteners to deck, hatch, anchor clip and hard and soft cover fasteners.

Different areas on a boat experience different levels and types of environmental exposure, as well as different kinds of motion, impact and resistance stress, meaning that the fasteners designed for different areas are highly specialised.


While the load-bearing requirements for a boat windshield fastener may be approximately the same as that for fender fasteners or boat hatch fasteners, the way they experience that load is very different, influencing the design as much as aesthetics and ‘at-rest’ functionality. And the way they need to fasten.

Certain types of fasteners are unique to the boating industry. These include boat anchor clip fasteners, which can also experience massive load stress, and deck clips which and be as anti-corrosive as possible and easily maintained for their looks as much as their function.


There is also a range of specialty fasteners specifically designed for boat accessories such as boat cover fasteners – including snap fasteners, canvas cover fasteners, seat cushion fasteners and boat lift fasteners – both standard and custom made for a range of vessels made with a range of materials – including wood and aluminum. These include custom-made wooden boat and aluminum boat fasteners, in addition to stainless steel boat fasteners, as it is often advisable to use fasteners made from the same material as the materials being fastened.


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