How to Bend a Stainless Steel Threaded Rod

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A stainless steel threaded rod is a fastener that is sometimes also referred to as a stud. It is simply a long rod, made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, and threaded on both ends. Designed to be used under tension, some of these rods have threading that covers the entire length of the rod. And others are only partially threaded. It all depends on what they are going to be used for.

Stainless Steel Threaded Rod Uses

Although primarily used as an anchor to join wood or metal, or to act as a pin to hold objects together, these fasteners are commonly used in heavy carpentry, e.g. hardwood plantation shutters, blinds, shades, and motorized or window shades.

These threaded rods are just about exclusively manufactured in a straight shape. However, if they need to be shaped for any reason, it is possible to do so with the correct care and the right tools.

Instructions for Bending a Stainless Steel Threaded Rod

For this task, you will need:

  • A solidly mounted bench vice
  • Two ½ to ¾-inch diameter bolts
  • Heavy-duty gloves
  • Eye goggles
  • An oxyacetylene or propane torch


  • Place the two bolts an inch apart in your vise and tighten sufficiently so that the bolts will not shift.
  • Position the rod in the vise, between the bolts, at the place where you would like to have the bend in the rod.
  • With extreme caution, light the torch and apply the heat to the area of the rod which you want to bend.
  • Be careful not to overheat the rod, as the metal can be damaged by too much heat.
  • You will be able to bend the stainless steel threaded rod once it changes to a reddish color.
  • If the rod stiffens before you have bent it to your required angle, more heat can be applied as necessary.

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