5 Ways to Remove A Stripped Screw

Every maritime or DIY enthusiast will have inevitably encountered and spent hours trying to remove a stripped screw. Stripped screws often call for a little out of the box thinking, but the result can be effective – especially if you want to remove the screw without damaging the item that it is screwed into.


At Marsh Fasteners, we compiled these 5 sure-fire ways to get that stubborn marine fastener out:


  1. Use an Elastic Band
    For smaller screws whose heads have gotten worn, sometimes all you need is a little traction for the screwdriver to bite into. The rubbery surface on an elastic banded placed on the screwhead provides the traction the screwdriver needs to twist and remove the screw.


  1. Cut a Slot into The Head
    If you are trying to remove a Philips or star head screw, and the head has been stripped, you can quickly and effectively turn that screw into a flathead with a small hacksaw or a rotary attachment on a drill. Be careful not to cut into the material underneath the screw though.


  1. Use a Left-Handed Drill Bit
    These specialized drill bits are designed to be used in reverse. Select a drill bit with a thinner body than that of the screw. Put it into your drill and tighten as normal, then drill into the stripped screw. As soon as the bit bites, it will likely unscrew the problem fastener.


  1. Use the Drill

If you do not have a left-handed drill bit, the drill itself can be used. If the fastener is not completely screwed into the material, the head of the drill can be placed over the exposed part of the screw and tightened. The drill can then be activated in reverse to remove the fastener.


  1. Use an Impact Driver
    Choose the correct screwdriver bit for your stripped screw, load it into the impact driver and place it on the screw head. Then hit the back of the driver with a hammer a few times. The impact driver will bite into the fastener and turn, loosening it until it is able to be removed with more traditional tools.


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