Choosing the Right Construction Fasteners

Last Updated on March 13, 2023 by Marsh Fasteners

Choosing the right construction fasteners for the job can be confusing if you don’t understand the design and manufacture of each fastener available to you. For high quality and enduring work, the right fastener must be selected. Let’s take a closer look at some of the characteristics of typical construction fasteners:


These are available in various styles and consist of three sections. How these three sections differ will determine which nail is best suited for a particular fastening task.

  • Heads – flat heads are the most common and provide firm holding power. Checkered flat heads are often used for framing projects and prevent the hammer from sliding off the nail head surface. Countersunk heads have more of a conical shape and are used in applications where the nail is intended to be driven into the material below the surface and then concealed.
  • Shanks – smooth shanks are the most common all-rounder, while barbed and screw shanks ensure greater holding power. Fluted shanks are only suited to masonry nails.
  • Points – diamond points are the most commonly found and have general good purpose. Long points can be driven into the material further, but short points will prevent splitting and damage to the material.

These are similar to nails in construction but have threads to think of instead of shanks. Fine threaded screws are used for attaching materials to metal, while coarse thread screws are better suited for powerful holding strength in wood and similar materials. Self-tapping points are common with deck screws, while most screws have common short points and come complete with washers and nuts.

Construction fastener coatings

When intended for use in exterior applications, it is best to choose construction fasteners that feature advanced coatings. Below are a few coating options available on the market.

  • Hot dipped galvanized – these fasteners are dipped in molten zinc. They are considered slightly more expensive than regular fasteners and are highly effective and durable.
  • Hot galvanized – these construction fasteners go through a heating process before they are rolled in zinc powder or chips which bond to the surface and provide a durable and protective coating. As the coating is inconsistent, these fasteners are not well suited to extensive exposure to the elements.
  • Electro galvanized – these fasteners go through a process where zinc is electroplated to the fastener. These fasteners are considered to be effective whilst less expensive than other options. These are most often used in pneumatic applications.

Stainless steel and aluminum fasters are highly resistant to corrosion and are highly durable too, but can be unsuitable as construction fasteners in situations where exceptional strength and holding power is required.

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