Types of Threaded Rods

Last Updated on July 1, 2020 by Marsh Fasteners

As you might already be aware, threaded rods have a variety of uses in many industries. Threaded rods are designed in different sizes and can have right hand or left hand thread patterns. While aluminum threaded rods are popular for their durability and light weight, and brass rods are popular for their strength, corrosion resistance and ability to perform in changing temperatures, these are not the only materials that threaded rods are made from. You can also acquire such rods in copper, steel, titanium and bronze.

These rods are typically designed in two main formats for you to choose from, depending on the application:

  • Fully threaded rods - these rods are metric bolts that are fully threaded from top to bottom. These types of rods are best suited to applications where grip strength is required over shear strength and alignment. These rods are often used in aligning body panels of vehicles and similar applications where loosening resistance is required.
  • Partially threaded rods - these rods have partial threads that start from the bottom of the rod length. The area where the rod has no thread is called the “grip length”. The measurement of the grip length will vary according to the intended application for the rod. These rods are often used in motors, pumps, alternators and similar.

Which threaded rods do you need?

Understanding the difference between the two rod types is important when trying to choose which one is needed. One cannot simply choose one or the other and hope for the best. For applications where grip strength is critical, the fully threaded rod is the best option. For applications where alignment and shear resistance is important, partially threaded rods are the best option.

For a full range of both fully threaded rods and partially threaded rods to choose from, consider our range at Marsh Fasteners. Still not sure which threaded rod is best suited to your application and requirements? Simply contact us via email or telephone and one of our friendly fastener experts will happily assist and advise you.

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