Types of Permanent Fasteners

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Fasteners used for carpentry, construction, DIY, and marine applications. They come in a wide range of types, and each type in a wide variety of designs. Types of permanent fasteners include bolts, nuts, rivets, staples, and adhesives.

However, the most common types of permanent fasteners are stainless steel screws designed so that they can be screwed in, but not out again, and stainless steel shear bolts and other permanent fasteners with hexagonal shear heads that come off after being tightened.

Clutch-Head Screws

Permanent screws such as clutch-head security screws are a type of permanent fastener designed to screw in, but not screw out. Clutch-head screws are also called ‘one-way screws’. They can be screwed in with an ordinary screwdriver. However, they cannot be unscrewed as they only turn clockwise.

Sentinel Security Screws

Sentinel screws are also commonly used as permanent fasteners in high-volume use applications. This is because they can be installed with a power driver as well as with a cross-head screwdriver. As with clutch-head screws, they only turn clockwise, so cannot be unscrewed.

Hexagonal Head Fasteners and Shear Bolts

Shear bolts are a type of permanent fastener used for the highest level of secure fastening. They cannot be removed once fastened. Shear bolts and similar fasteners have a hexagonal screw head that snaps off once the fastener is in place. This leaves a smooth head that cannot be gripped with any removal tool, including hand-held spanners. 

Premium Permanent Fasteners

Premium permanent fasteners are high-torque bolt and nut permanent fasteners with a unique head design. They cannot be screwed in manually, requiring specialist tools.

Differences Between Permanent Fasteners And Temporary Fasteners:

  • Permanent fasteners are used when a strong, permanent mechanical bond is required. Once in place, they cannot be removed without breaking the fasteners and the materials they are joining together.
  • Temporary fasteners are used in joins that may need to be unfastened for maintenance and replacement. Examples of temporary fasteners include wood nails and screws that can be turned both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

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