Top Advantages of Stainless Steel Fasteners

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April 22, 2019

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Marsh Fasteners

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All grades of stainless steel have some degree of corrosion resistance, which makes it an ideal metal to use in almost any application. That is not all, stainless steel, in general, has an excellent life cycle, is environmentally friendly, is 100% recyclable, and is resistant to high heat and extremely cold temperatures. No wonder then, when we talk about stainless steel fasteners, the first thing which comes to mind is its durability. Below we look at the top advantages of using these highly useful and vigorous fasteners and bolts:



  • Corrosion Resistant


Stainless steel is low carbon steel that contains 10.5% or more chromium that forms an invisible chromium-oxide film on the surface of the stainless steel fastener (known as a passive layer); this is what gives the stainless steel fastener its anti-corrosion property. When it has available oxygen, even in small quantities, this layer can self-repair if damaged mechanically or chemically.



  • Cosmetically Appealing


Because stainless steel fasteners do not rust or tarnish they give you a better look (and last longer), which is why they are often used in manufacturing and construction.



  • Strength


Stainless steel fasteners are strong and will hold up in harsh corrosive environments.



  • Excellent Life Cycle


Stainless steel fasteners will last longer than other fasteners.



  • Temperature Resistant


Stainless steel fasteners are resistant to extreme cold and hot temperatures.



  • Reasonably Inexpensive


Stainless steel fasteners may cost a little bit more originally, but they have lasting value, making them quite affordable over the long-term.



  • Largely Non-Magnetic


While each stainless steel alloy will feature a different level of magnetism, the austenitic (304, 316, 316L) stainless steels are non-magnetic.



  • Low Maintenance


Stainless steel fasteners require very little maintenance, are resistant to scratches, and are easy to clean.



  • Readily Available


They are easily available in the market – they can even be bought online.


Stainless Steel Fasteners from Marsh Fasteners


The durability and added advantages of stainless steel fasteners and bolts make them the material of choice for almost any application. Marsh Fasteners will not only supply you with the very best quality, but we will also give you expert advice on which grade stainless steel will be suitable for your requirements. Don’t delay, contact us today.