Use of Stainless Steel With New Timber Treatments

Date Posted:

October 20, 2014

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Marsh Fasteners


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When using treated timber in any construction project, stainless steel fasteners and screws are your best option to avoid corrosion caused by chemicals. Although work is being done to reduce the corrosivity of preservative treated timbers, you still run the risk of compromising your safety when using traditional galvanized steel, which is why you should invest in top quality stainless steel.

In the past, CCA (Copper chrome arsenate) has been used to treat timber to increase durability. Tests have been conducted on the durability of fastenings of various materials and stainless steel has been proven to be one of the best choices when using timber.

Stainless steel fasteners (particularly 304 and 316) are incredibly resistant to corrosion due to what is called a passive layer. This passive layer consists of chromium oxide which creates a protection against rust and corrosion and even allows for self repair under the right circumstances.

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