Stainless Steel vs Galvanized vs Zinc Plated Nuts

Nuts are fasteners that are manufactured in a variety of materials including the likes of steel, titanium, plastic and more. In addition to this, there are various different grades to choose from. Some of these fasteners are also available in various coatings or plating which is to enhance the corrosion resistance of the product and reduce costs.

Choosing the right fastener material is important as it will determine how strong or brittle the product is. The material of the fastener also dictates its resistance to corrosion as well as its aesthetic appeal. If you need to replace your existing fasteners it is best to replace with the same fastener material, unless the material itself is causing corrosion or not coping in the environment that it is in.

When comparing stainless steel vs galvanized vs zinc plated nuts, it’s important to realise that stainless steel itself is a material and galvanising and zinc plating are forms of coating.

Stainless steel is the most durable version. These nuts offer enhanced corrosion resistance and the integrity of this resistance won’t be affected if the product is scratched. The only tricky part to opting for stainless steel nuts is that they must be installed by a professional with exceptional care to avoid galling (seizing).

Steel fasteners that are electroplated with zinc (zinc plated) to improve corrosion resistance are also a good choice. While there are considered resistant to corrosion, they are not suitable for marine environments.

Galvanized nuts are also coated in a layer of zinc. When nuts are hot dip galvanised, the metal is coated in a thick layer which makes the produce even more corrosion resistant. While these present the most durable material, they are not compatible with bolts manufactured from other materials as galvanized bolts and nuts have slightly different dimensions to other types of fasteners.

Marsh Fasteners 

At Marsh Fasteners we stock a wide variety of stainless steel and nickel brass nuts including the likes of Acorn Cap Nuts, All Metal Nuts, Barrel Nuts, Coupling Nuts, Finish Hexagon Nuts, KEP “K” Nuts, Machine Screw Nuts, Metric Nuts, Nylon Insert Lock Nuts, Serrated Flange Nuts, Thin Nuts and Wing Nuts. These are available in various grades of stainless steel and nickel brass.

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