Stainless steel fasteners for boat building

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October 6, 2014

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Marsh Fasteners

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When it comes to boat construction, it stands to reason that all fastenings need to be able to withstand a significant amount of exposure to the elements, which is why stainless steel fastenings are an excellent way to go in order to ensure the structural integrity and life expectancy of your vessel.

No metal, except for gold and platinum in their natural state, are completely corrosion proof, but stainless steel possesses a number of qualities that make it more resistant to corrosion when compared to other metals. Stainless steel is resistant to elements such as extreme heat or cold and has a protective coating of chromium oxide, which will maintain the integrity of the metal when exposed to water.

Stainless steel is used frequently in marine construction both offshore and on the water due to its durability and strength. Stainless steel has a long life expectancy, providing security and longevity when it comes to construction projects, is also an environmentally friendly metal and 100% recyclable.

Manufacturers of quality stainless steel fasteners

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