Screws for Boat Building and Repair

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January 5, 2015

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Marsh Fasteners


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Deck screws are widely used in the boat building industry for various reasons. For starters, they are a durable and long lasting type of screw. Wood screws of this variety are used for joining wooden parts and attaching fittings securely. In the marine industry, these screws need to work well with wood and be able to withstand exposure to water (salt and fresh water). For this reason, 305 stainless steel screws is the trusted grade to look for. It is always advised that you purchase a brand of wood screw from a reliable source to ensure that quality and durability are ensured.

Stainless steel screws designed for boat building and the marine industry in general are able to withstand exposure to water with exceptional corrosion resistance. Just how resistant your screws are to corrosion will depend on the grade that you invest in. Deck screws in particular are designed to be easily screwed in with no real need for pre-hole drilling.

When shopping for wood screws for boat building and repair projects, look for those that offer True Diameters. This ensures that the screw will not snap when you the fastener is tight and you also won’t “cam-out” the drive which can happen when a certain amount of torque is reached when screwing in inferior quality screws.

Deck Screws for Boat Building Available at Marsh Fasteners

At Marsh Fasteners we supply a wide range of stainless steel fasteners ideal for the boat building market. Our screws of 305 stainless steel grade and we have the following options available to you:

  • Bugle Head Screws.
  • Composite Deck Screws.
  • Trim Head Finish Screws.
  • Large Diameter Deck Screws.

We also stock deck fastening systems to make your boat building and repair projects simpler and more convenient. To learn more about our wood screws for boat building and the marine industry, contact us at Marsh Fasteners today.
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