Screws and Fasteners to Use for Your Deck

Date Posted:

November 2, 2020

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Marsh Fasteners

Are you looking to build a beautiful and sturdy deck? Unsightly screws and fasteners are both an eyesore and a potential safety hazard! Whether you are building a brand new deck or updating your existing deck, choosing the right screws and fasteners is important to ensure that you aren’t wasting money and risking the safety of the people around you. Don’t panic – we have a simple guide on the best screws and fasteners to use for your deck!

Types of screws for your deck

Wooden deck screws

Wood deck screws are the perfect choice for both hard and softwoods as they are colored to match your interior or exterior flooring, reducing the visibility of screws once construction is complete. In addition to this, the screws are designed with coarse edges, making them easy to grip and requiring minimal cutting or pilot holes. Wood screws are galvanized to avoid rusting when used with woods that have been treated, saving you both time and money in the long term. If you’re looking for convenience and a faster approach when building your deck, choose self-drilling wood screws that come with a sharp drilling tip for easier insertion.

Composite deck screws

Composite deck screws are designed with stainless steel to connect to deck flooring from just below the surface. Like wood screws, they are manufactured with coarse edges, but they are specially designed with the highest levels of resistance against corrosion and rust. These types of screws are ideal in coastal areas or wetter climates. With reverse threads that tightly secure wood, it does not become trapped or stripped and is the best quality for your money when working with a larger deck.

Types of non-screwing fasteners for your deck

Hidden deck fasteners

Hidden deck fasteners are an ideal aesthetically-pleasing weapon for your deck. These can be installed above deck boards if you’re not working with a deck that is not too high or low to the ground. When choosing a hidden deck fastener, you must choose one that allows seamless removal of wood should this be needed. Hidden fasteners are often time-consuming as they are harder to install, however, the result is an uncluttered and beautiful surface.

Masonry fasteners 

These fasteners are self-taping and come with pre-assembled anchor bolts, designed to make installation easier. The shields are made from stainless or carbon steel and spread as you tighten the fasteners. These are ideal for bigger projects that require more sturdiness as it is often used for high-strength applications. 

Wood plugs

Wood plugs are screwed below the surface of the wood and it is completely hidden from sight. They come in a variety of colors to match your choice of wood and is best for a deck that is pleasing on the eyes. These are the easiest to install and usually the most affordable and convenient choice when choosing a fastener. 

Choosing high-quality stainless steel screws and fasteners

Choosing the right screws and fasteners for your deck is important to reduce maintenance costs and to build a deck that will increase the beauty of your building or home. When working with your deck, make sure you consult an expert to ensure that you don’t waste costs on the wrong type of materials. At Marsh Fasteners, we offer only the highest quality fasteners and stainless steel material for all your decking needs. Contact us today for expert tips and materials!