How to make your stainless steel fasteners last

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April 13, 2015

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Marsh Fasteners

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As a stainless steel fasteners wholesale brand, we are commonly asked how our customers can reduce the wear and tear on the great products we supply. This is an excellent question, and is certainly one everyone should be asking. So we have chosen to provide this post on how you can effectively maintain the stainless steel fasteners you acquire from us.

Tighten your fasteners properly

As many stainless steel fasteners manufacturers will tell you, it’s never a good idea to leave your stainless steel fasteners loose. They are designed specifically to bear tensile stress under the right conditions, and this includes being tightened properly. So avoid redundant wear and tear from small shifts and ensure all of the fasteners you use are tightly secured.

Utilise washers to reduce galling on your stainless steel fasteners

Galling occurs when two metals that have corrosive protection rub together and scrape off the protective coating. The two metals then directly bond together under high pressure causing unnecessary wear and tear to both parts. To prevent this, avoid exposing these parts to harsh environments, include washers appropriately to cushion unnecessary pressure and minimize abrasion. You can also utilise lubrication to help the metals fit together without damaging each other.

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