5 Types of Fasteners You Need to Have in Your Tool Box

Last Updated on March 17, 2023 by Marsh Fasteners

Every home and workshop needs a DIY toolbox, and every toolbox needs a range of essential equipment. This includes various types of fasteners for joining together everything from wood to metal, ceramic, and plastics. There are many kinds of fasteners, but the following 5 are considered the most essential for any toolbox.


No toolbox is complete without a few boxes of nails of different lengths, with a variety of head and thread sizes. Apart from being useful for all sorts of home applications, such as hanging mirrors and paintings on the wall, nails are commonly used as fasteners for carpentry and DIY construction. 


You will want screws of varying lengths and with different thread and head sizes in your toolbox for many carpentry applications, e.g. decking. They have better grip strength than nails, especially when used with plastic anchors, and are better for joining thick wood pieces. Screws can also be disassembled without damaging the wood or other material they are used to join together.

Bolts (machine screws or ‘nuts’)

Bolts are permanent fasteners that are generally used for joins that may be subject to high loads and stress. Most DIY and carpentry fastening can be achieved with nails and screws, but it is worth having a range of bolts in your toolbox for when only bolts will do. 


It’s unlikely you will need rivets often, but rivets are still a toolbox essential for when you need a high load-bearing permanent join. Rivets come in two main designs: ‘solid’ and ‘blind’. Sealed blind rivets are ideal for any other application that requires permanent waterproof joins.

Rivets do not have threaded rods, so you will need a rivet gun to shoot rivets into a pre-drilled hole.


No toolbox is complete without at least a few adhesives. You will need wood glues for carpentry, ceramics for bathroom DIY, and adhesives such as polypropylene glue for plastics and a variety of other materials.

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