Do Stainless Steel Bolts Need Maintenance?

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January 4, 2016

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Marsh Fasteners

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Stainless steel bolts are ubiquitous in modern industries. They are not only used in property construction but also in busy industrial settings. They offer strength to applications such as signals and lightning structures across the globe. Their high degree of resistance to corrosion and low maintenance requirements make these fasteners invaluable in any situation where different parts have to be joined.

If you have used such screws at your facility you might be wondering whether they need any maintenance. According to many people, the fact that the material used is stainless steel makes the bolts fully resistant to corrosion and leaves them requiring no maintenance. To understand why maintenance of your screws is required you need to understand what makes them stainless in the first place.

Stainless steel screws are formed from a family of alloyed steels with a minimum of 10-12% chromium. When in contact with oxygen, the chromium element forms a natural oxide passive film which is self-repairing and invisible. This is what makes your screws resistant to corrosion. Most manufacturers use a process of passivation to enable them to gain this quality of self-healing.

However, some environments are experience extreme conditions especially the coastal areas. In such regions, tea staining of your screws is bound to occur. Indeed, dirt and grime can pile on your bolts and this compromises their self-healing ability. It is thus advisable to clean stainless steel bolts not only to avoid corrosion, but also to keep then in perfect shape and avoid discoloration.

Nevertheless, you must avoid using abrasive brushes or strong detergents that can cause scratches or fading of the surface. You should use a soft cloth and ordinary soap or detergent if you want to maintain these fasteners in the best shape.

As you order bolts from your manufacturer, it is important to enquire about how regularly you need to clean their surface. Remember they are only effective if they are in pristine condition.
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