What is the difference between deck screws and wooden screws?

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If you think that screws are screws, you’re wrong. They most certainly aren’t. Just like any other fastener or component, screws are purpose designed which means that deck screws and wooden screws are quite different. Deck screws have a major advantage over nails and wooden screws: they eliminate the risk and stress of the material splitting, cracking, and becoming weak at the fastening point. The entire basic design of the deck screw makes it the ultimate option for those looking to create a securely fastened structure that is sturdy and safe. The important components of the deck screw are:

  • Screw head – a deck screw should have a similar flat countersunk surface as a wooden screw, but with a larger surface area offering greater load bearing capacity. The head should be shaped in a bugle or flare shape. Why is it designed this way? It’s to ensure that the fastener doesn’t sink into the material that it is screwed into. Unfortunately, wooden screws do not have the same bugle shape and tend to, over time, work their way into the item / material which causes cracking, splitting and similar.
  • Shank – deck screw shanks are designed for long-term durability. They typically feature an aggressive point and sharp threading that quickly and firmly secures into the item. The tapered and partially threaded shank ensures that by the time the screw is secured into the wood, there’s no room for any type of movement.
  • Threading – deck screws have sharp, deep threading which quickly and easily cuts into the item and secures itself. While wooden screws are also threaded, they tend to be less sharp and tapered which can hamper their long-term efficiency.

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