Common Types of Stainless Steel Nuts and their Applications

Last Updated on July 1, 2020 by Marsh Fasteners

Stainless steel nuts come in all shapes and sizes and each design offers distinct advantages. However, many people are not completely aware of the variety and their individual benefits. We are specialists in the industry and our focus is on quality products. This informative blog has been compiled to shed some light on the above subject, so you are better informed when purchasing supplies.

Hex Nuts

The most common types of stainless steel nuts are hex nuts, which are basically standardised with six sides. The unique design allows for the strong grip of a wrench at various angles. This affords excellent convenience, as hard to reach places where a wrench can’t turn 360 degrees, can be accessed with ease for repairs, installations and so forth.

Wing Nuts

These are nuts designed with two flat wings on either side, and allow for easy tightening or loosening using only fingers. Unfortunately, these are not designed with high strength in mind and are most often utilised where convenience offers more value than strength.

Cap Nuts

These are stainless steel nuts with a dome rather than a flat top. Interestingly, they facilitate aerodynamics which would prove ideal on aircrafts and vehicles, but are commonly utilised for aesthetic purposes on handrails and steel furnishings.

Square Nuts

Square nuts are four sided nuts that offer greater resistance to loosening. The reason for this is that the underside has a greater surface area than standard hex nuts and can grip more effectively when fully tightened.

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