What is the best hidden deck fastener system?

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When shopping around for the best hidden deck fastener system, you will be overwhelmed by the options on the market. Most fasteners are designed for specific functionality which means that they are purposed for use on wood or decking materials such as composite and grooved boards. To make sure that you choose the best concealed deck fasteners, consider just how hard the wood or deck is and whether the side profile of each panel is grooved or not.

Remember that hidden fastener systems are not as secure as top down screws and while there may be some movement expected over time, there’s no need to worry – your deck will be just fine. Consider using a small amount of adhesive between joints and boards for better stability of the deck.

If you are fastening un-grooved boards, consider a tiger claw type fastener. The fastener is designed to pierce the side of the board and a screw goes through the centre of the fastener. If you’re working with grooved boards, there are various options to choose from with deck clips, Ipe clips, lumber locs and deck ties.
At Marsh Fasteners we strongly suggest that you consider the CAMO hidden deck fastening system as it’s easy to use, flexible and affordable. The system is designed to directly attach to a deck’s substructure of wood, composite or PVC. All CAMO deck screws are provided with a limited lifetime warranty too.

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At Marsh Fasteners we believe that it’s highly possible to achieve a sleek no-nails or no-screws decking surface by choosing the best hidden deck fastener system for your deck and we believe that system is the CAMO hidden deck fastening system.

For more information and advice on this hidden deck fastener system or to chat to a consultant, contact us via email or telephone at Marsh Fasteners today.

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