A CAMO Hidden Deck Fastening System that provides peace of mind

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September 15, 2014

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Marsh Fasteners

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The CAMO Hidden Deck Fastening system is the first of its kind. It makes deck construction easy and affordable while offering a finish that is both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

The CAMO Hidden Deck Fastening System works on hardwood, PVC deck board, treated lumber, cedar and composite and makes use of driver bits, hidden fasteners and CAMO Pro Tools that deliver an easily installed, affordable, fastener free deck surface.
These hidden fasteners were tested and scrutinized and proven to exceed Uplift Resistance industry standards as well Thermal Cycling industry standards. This system also comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty that puts your safety first with a guarantee against rust and corrosion.

Quality marine construction products

Marine construction is the field of industry responsible for ensuring the structural integrity of piers and other coastal or waterside structures to protect vessels as well as human lives. This industry demands the use of top quality products that are guaranteed to last for years to come.

Stainless steel is an incredibly popular choice of material in an industry as demanding as marine construction as it is stronger and more durable than normal steel as well as being less prone to corrosion due to oxygen, moisture and temperature fluctuations.

At Marsh Fasteners, we have been supplying products for all industries including marine construction for over 20 years. Our extensive range of marine construction supplies include stainless steel nails, deck screws and bolts as well as the revolutionary CAMO Hidden Deck Fastening System to ensure the safety and integrity of your projects. To find out more, contact us!