Why These Fasteners are the Right Choice for Marine Construction Projects

Last Updated on March 13, 2023 by Marsh Fasteners

Marine fasteners are specially designed stainless steel nuts, bolts and screws that cater to highly corrosive areas. They are particularly effective for vessels and structures that need to come into contact with salt-water. Customers often ask why these marine fasteners are recommended for such areas, which is why Marsh Fasteners would like to offer some helpful insight in this blog.

Marine Fasteners and Corrosion “Zones”

There are five different zones you need to consider when purchasing stainless steel marine fasteners. These all have differing corrosion rates, according to how often they come into contact with salt-water.

  • Marine Atmosphere: These zones are simply areas with high humidity and salt-water spray, where parts can be kept clean but are often subject to relatively high rates of corrosion.
  • Subject to Splash: These zones are areas on vessels or structures where water is likely to splash or spray.
  • Tidal Zones: Tidal zones are the sides of the vessel or structure where salt-water sometimes covers, depending on the tide or weight inside the vessel.
  • Underwater or Full Immersion: These areas are often completely submerged, requiring fasteners which can remain within salt-water while maintaining their resistance.
  • Mud Zones: These zones are some of the most frustrating areas on a vessel, as mud can easily jam and corrode typical fasteners.

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