Where Should I Use Stainless Steel Machine Screws?

Last Updated on January 12, 2023 by Marsh Fasteners

Are you aware of machine screws and the purpose they serve? Considered as a functional accessory, these screws help with attaching and assembling the parts of a machine for use. You can now save yourself the hassle and bid farewell to the use of nuts for assembling components of a machine. Also known as stove bolts, machine screws are fairly different from regular screws. These bolts are typically narrower and smaller than ordinary screws. Well, that is not the whole story! These screws are topped with threaded shanks. There are two variants, in which each of the designs differ, that you need to know of:

  1. The coarse version, and
  2. The finer version.


In a coarse machine bolt, only 24 threads are observable per inch. The number hikes up to 32 in a finer version. Little did you know that machine screws can only be fitted in pieces that can be pre-tapped or comes with pre-drilled holes.


Are you thinking about the benefits of using stainless steel machine screws? Well, unlike ordinary steel that is prone to rust and corrosion, steel mixed with chromium offers longevity and incredible corrosion-resistant features. When exposed to moisture, the chromium content in stainless-steel oxidizes and creates an invisible protective layer on the metal. It is resistant to high heat as well. In a nutshell, it would not be incorrect to conclude that machine screws crafted from stainless steel are both user-friendly and functional for a very long time.


Where to Use Stainless Steel Machine Screws?

If you have been putting up with the hassles of having a limited space to work in and assemble a machine for operation, stove bolts will come in perfectly handy. Use these screws to secure and hold the components of a machine in place. However, picking the correct length of machine screw plays a pivotal role. Get your hands on the ones that are too long and you will be in a world of pain while assembling the parts. Adding to the problem, longer screws rarely play a part in the proper tightening and securing of the components into place.


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