Tips to Follow on Marine Fasteners

Last Updated on September 12, 2022 by Marsh Fasteners

When constructing marine equipment, the marine fasteners and materials that you choose to use and how you use them will play a vital role in the success of the project. Keep in mind that marine equipment is used at depths. So, clearly, there is little room for error in the equipment construction and fastening process. To avoid potential dangers and risks, there are industry standard principles that must be kept in mind and thoroughly adhered to when constructing marine equipment.

Marine Construction & Fastening Principles to Consider

The following tips will assist in ensuring a successful marine equipment construction project:

    • Water and the different depth pressures:

Marine equipment used at different depths will need to withstand the various pressures exerted on it. It’s important to:

      • Know what the pressure will be that the equipment will be confronted with, and
      • Ensure that all the marine fasteners used in the equipment are able to withstand such pressures.

For the marine industry, grade 2 steel cap nuts are often chosen over other types precisely because of their ability to withstand underwater pressure.

    • The risk of corrosion:

Marine equipment is subject to the risk of corrosion. It is therefore important to choose fasteners that are corrosion resistant. Monel 400 carriage bolts are often used for fastening in the marine industry. The material they are manufactured from is highly resistant to corrosion and can therefore be expected to not only last longer but also to be more durable in a marine environment.

    • Potential impacts and forces:

Marine equipment may come into contact with other objects. The equipment may also experience and be exposed to various impacts and forces. The fasteners that are used in the construction of the equipment must be able to handle all the possible types of impacts that they may be subjected to. Often, it comes down to their material, design, and shape. Sometimes it may be as simple as ensuring that the fasteners are tightly secured in the correct manner.

    • Potential leaks:

When leaks occur as far as marine equipment is concerned, it is usually indicative of poor joint integrity. You can construct a true watertight machine by making sure you use the appropriate washers with the right fasteners.

If you are shopping around for marine fasteners, you have come to the right place. Simply contact us via email or telephone and one of our friendly fastener experts will happily assist and advise you.

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