What Is a Threaded Rod Cutter?

Last Updated on September 12, 2022 by Marsh Fasteners

A threaded rod cutter is a cutting tool designed for cutting soft steel. It is specifically designed to cut threaded rods (although not unthreaded rods) with up to a 6.6 soft steel rating which has a tensile strength of 60 kg/mm². Each of the available rod cutters comes with 1 to 3 cutting slots, with interchangeable and varying slot sizes.

Are There Different Types of Threaded Rod Cutters?

While all threaded rod cutters consist of a base, handle, and dies, they all look quite different. Furthermore, even the design of each rod cutter may vary, they all work in the very same way: by pressing the handle down towards the base to cut the threaded rod. The only real difference between the various models of threaded rod cutters is the mechanism that ensures that one die stays in place on the base of the cutter, while the other die moves with the handle to cut the rod.

Alternatives to Threaded Rod Cutters

If you are looking for an alternative to threaded rod cutters when cutting steel rods and bolts, the following options should be considered:

  • Handsaws - it is important to ensure that the rod is secured with bolts, clamps, and files to avoid squashing the threads during cutting.
  • Rod cutter ratchet - this tool has a similar design to the threaded rod It consists of two handles and a ratchet and is typically used to cut threaded rods that are already installed.
  • Grinders - it is important to secure the rod to ensure it doesn’t move during cutting. This method is not the safest as sparks will be created and there is potential for fire hazard.
  • Powered rod cutters - these work similarly to the typical rod cutter but work faster and are powerful enough to cut stainless steel.

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