Why The Decking Industry Uses Only The Best Stainless Steel Screws, Nuts and Bolts

Last Updated on March 13, 2023 by Marsh Fasteners

Small but critical, your choice of stainless steel screws, nuts, and bolts, literally determines the quality and structural integrity of your deck.

The higher price point of quality stainless steel hardware often puts homeowners off. When they see your quote, the less conspicuous items are the first thing they want to downgrade – especially considering that galvanized zinc screws are nearly half the price of stainless steel.

Why, then, do professionals in the decking industry insist on only the best stainless steel fasteners?

Durability. Stainless steel alloys are iron-based metals containing at least 10% chromium and other metals, which makes them incredibly hard. Stainless steel screws have a tensile strength (the resistance of a material to breaking under tension) of between 80,000 and 150,000 PSI!

You will be confident that your decks are sturdy and safe – no matter the load.

Corrosion resistance. The protective coating of both standard and double-dipped galvanized fasteners eventually peel off. In the climate and location of Palm Beach County, that is just not an option! Similarly, research shows that the corrosion rate of stainless steel used with chemical wood preservatives like copper azole and alkaline copper is almost zero. Austenitic stainless steel (304, 305, 316 etc.) has the highest degree of corrosion resistance.

The chromium-oxide composition of solid stainless steel provides an invisible, built-in coating that not only protects it from corrosion but is also self-repairing. Even if the oxide layer is damaged, it reforms to shield the metal again.

Your decks will hold their own for years to come – no matter what they are exposed to.

Appearance. Following on from the point above, avoiding ugly rust marks gives stainless steel the edge. Moreover, the shiny newness of stainless steel deck fasteners doesn’t fade.

Your decks will maintain their looks over time.

How to Choose Between Nails and Screws for Deck Fasteners

Using stainless steel screws to build you deck is much better than using deck nails, which is why screws are a little pricier than nails. This is because the screws will hold wood together much longer when compared to nails, which provide a starting point for the wood pieces to crack, split, warp, or get damaged.

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