Some Helpful Do’s and Don’ts for Using Stainless Steel Bolts

Last Updated on March 13, 2023 by Marsh Fasteners

At Marsh Fasteners, our growing list of faithful customers from various industries, enjoy enlisting our services and purchasing our products, thanks to our unstinting commitment to high quality stainless steel bolts, fasteners and other items.

In this informative blog we offer some great insight into stainless steel bolts, so that you can maximize their lifespan and utilize them effectively for your applications or processes.

Do’s of Stainless Steel Bolts

1) Do select the Ideal Grade Materials for the Task. With such a variety of stainless steel nuts, bolts and fasteners to choose from, you need to ensure you select the right professional grade to cater to your unique project or application needs.
2) Do lubricate Bolts to Protect them. Wherever metal is in contact with metal, this is imperative as they can fuse together without oil or coating, thereby causing damage and corrosion where weak areas are exposed.

Don’ts of Stainless Steel Bolts

1) Don’t allow metals to be in direct contact, react and cause damage or corrosion. Even where metals may be in close proximity, utilize lubricants and washers to prevent galvanic corrosion so that your bolts last longer and maintain their effectiveness. This saves on costs and maximizes workmanship fidelity.
2) Don’t contaminate your work area with metal filings or fine powders. These can get between the fastener and surface, causing corrosion and weakening the materials. The entire device or parts being held together may be compromised in turn.

For further information or advice on stainless steel bolts, marine fasteners and many more quality products that we stock, simply contact Marsh Fasteners today and speak with one of our professional and helpful consultants.

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