What Are the Ideal Fasteners for Solar Panel Mounting?

Last Updated on September 12, 2022 by Marsh Fasteners

Are you investing in solar energy for your home or business? Congratulations! Renewable energy is one of the most sustainable ways to reduce your carbon footprint and a big step in the right direction - if your goal is to go off the grid.

When looking at the types of fasteners for solar panel mounting, you need to consult the instruction manual from the solar panel manufacturers. Many of the kits come with assembly parts and guidelines that you should use. If, however, you are left to research possible solutions, then many solar panel installers would advise you to invest in either aluminum or stainless steel fasteners.

Aluminum fasteners are relatively lightweight. Stainless steel fasteners offer more support, but with the cost of added weight. The main benefit of these fasteners is that they are both corrosion resistant. Your solar panels will be exposed to sunlight and this means that they may also be exposed to rain and snow. If you have an unsupported roof, then aluminum fasteners would be your best option (as the added weight of stainless steel fasteners could be problematic). If you have a supported roof, then investing in stainless steel fasteners for your solar panel mounting would be your best bet.

When purchasing fasteners for the solar panels, another aspect to consider is to buy fasteners that allow for angle adjustments. These fasteners enable you to optimally position your solar panels and it means that you can adjust the panels throughout the various seasons.

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