Hurricane storm fasteners

Last Updated on September 10, 2020 by Marsh Fasteners

Here in Florida, it is vital that our homes and businesses are prepared for stormy weather and high winds. The use of hurricane storm fasteners in the construction of roofs and storm panels helps to fortify buildings against the punishment that storms can sometimes throw at them. Marsh Fasteners stocks several clips, straps and assorted fasteners to be used in battening down your most prized possessions against hurricanes.

Storm and hurricane panel fasteners

When a storm is approaching, you need to be able to put up your hurricane panels with as much ease as possible, while also being assured of secure barriers against the storm. Mounting stainless steel panel kits on your windows and doors makes this possible. The installation involves the mounting of h-headers above the window and studded angles below. Once these are installed, it is a  simple matter of sliding the panels into place and securing them against the fasteners on the studded angle using wingnuts. Marsh Fasteners supplies the stainless steel bolts, nuts, anchors and sleeves needed to make these systems functional and strong.  

Hurricane clips

Hurricane clips or ties are designed to secure rafters and trusses against high winds and seismic movement. Our clips are designed to withstand high uplift loads and have minimized screw quantity requirements. There are several different shapes to suit the connections on which they are used.

Twist connector straps

Twist straps provide extra tension in the connection between two wooden parts, such as ceiling joists and rafters, holding them together and powerfully resisting uplift in the event of a strong storm.

Joist hangers

Stainless steel joist hangers provide secure connection and support to connect beams, joists and trusses, and help to keep roof structures steady in violent weather conditions.

For more information on protecting your home against hurricanes and the hardware you will need to do the job, be sure to get in touch with the team at Marsh Fasteners.

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