How to make your own bolts using stainless steel threaded rod

Last Updated on March 13, 2023 by Marsh Fasteners

There are times when you need a solution for a project you’re working on and the DIY gods seem to conspire against you. Your local hardware store doesn’t stock the bolt you need; the other shop down the road has bolts, but in the wrong diameter; the next place does have the right bolts in the right diameter, but they’re just out of stock...This is when stainless steel threaded rod comes to the rescue. Readily available in different diameters and lengths, you can make your own bolts simply by sawing to the correct length, putting coupling nuts or fasteners on each end and VOILA, your custom length bolt is ready.

Many DIYers who tinker, fix or maintain their own boats, bikes, cars or homes use threaded rod to provide quick and easy joining or fastening solutions. From the guy who used threaded rod on the axles of his homemade bicycle trailer (made with a cargo carrier and kids bike wheels) to the boating enthusiast who got tired of waiting for his order of specific bolts to arrive (apparently a very rare size) and fixed the problem himself with threaded rod. Stainless steel is very hard and durable so is ideal for applications on boats, cars and machinery. Using silicon sealant on the nuts ensures they won’t loosen with vibration.

Stainless steel threaded rod, used with stainless steel nuts is being used all over – in construction, plumbing, electrical work, general repairs and in normal household applications. They have even been seen in modern art design (think Steampunk) and decor – from toilet roll holders to balustrades, coat hooks to towel rails. Their more traditional uses see them being used as anchor bolts, clamps, hanger and U-bolts.

For specific lengths and diameter bolts, threaded rod are the quick and strong solution and are extremely useful.

Marsh Fasteners supply a huge range of fasteners and threaded rod

Our stainless steel threaded rod comes in both fine and coarse pitch, in a number of varying diameters, stainless steel grades and lengths. In addition, we stock stainless steel nuts, bolts and marine fasteners, if your project is boat or water related. To find out more about stocking these products and many of the others on offer, contact the team at Marsh Fasteners. Our knowledgeable consultants are happy to advise you on fastener applications and your specific needs.

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