How to find the right supplier for high quality stainless steel screws

Last Updated on March 13, 2023 by Marsh Fasteners

Finding high quality stainless steel screws is a common problem faced by many businesses and home owners. Everyone claims to offer the best and highest quality products, yet few fail to deliver, leaving you to learn, only too late, that you made the wrong call. Below are a few strategies to help you weigh any suppliers you speak with, online and otherwise, in order to be sure you end up with the best quality screws.

Products should match exact specifications

The first step is to determine what kind of stainless steel nuts, bolts or fasteners are needed for your construction project. Look through the manufacturer’s product line and ensure the products they’re offering accurately fit the required specifications to make your project succeed.
Using the wrong kind of stainless steel screws will adversely affect the structural integrity of your entire project, which will not only affect its durability, but it may put people’s lives at risk e.g., they may fall if your structure collapses.


Another useful method is to look at the client list of your intended suppliers. Suppliers that offer stainless steel bolts and related products for bigger clients and those who have been doing it longer are more likely to deliver genuine, high quality products compared with smaller, newer businesses.
It’s not just about the length of time, you may also go further and contact a few of the references provided in the testimonial section of the site or post a question on review sites to find out whether anyone has complained about the products and/or services delivered by your potential supplier.

Customer service

Finally, the kind of service you receive from the supplier prior to making a sale will let you know whether or not you can trust them. It is necessary to find out your exact needs and then you can use your information to test the supplier representative’s proficiency. If they give you good advice, then you can trust their judgment and proceed to buy from them.

A bad supplier will only be interested in making a sale and may give you misleading information just so that you buy a more expensive product rather than the correct cheaper one. Whether you are looking for marine fasteners or a stainless steel threaded rod, these tips will help you make the right choice each time.
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