Do stainless steel fasteners corrode when in contact with aluminum?

Last Updated on March 13, 2023 by Marsh Fasteners

Stainless steel fasteners can be an absolute must in the tool box. When looking for wholesale stainless steel fasteners, be absolutely sure to look no further than Marsh Fasteners. The beauty of using a stainless steel fastener, in comparison to any other metallic form of bolt, is that the entire product is made up of pure stainless steel, not coated. This means that if you pair this with another metal surface which is close in measurement on the galvanic scale, it would literally last a life time. However, there is a problem which people are bound to face when dealing with metallic materials. Corrosion is inevitable over a period of time. When pairing aluminum and stainless steel together, you will be faced with this problem.

The galvanic corrosion process

Galvanic corrosion, or similar metal corrosion, is a process which occurs when two dissimilar metals are coupled in a corrosive electrolyte. When the galvanic couple is formed, one of the materials in the couple becomes the weaker anode which erodes faster than it would if left untouched, while the other becomes the cathode, corroding slower than it would on its own. The materials fall into their respective places depending on their nobility. The more noble metal becomes the cathode, whilst the less noble becomes the anode.

In order for galvanic corrosion to take place, there are certain factors which must be present:

  • Electrochemically dissimilar metals (such as stainless steel and aluminum) must be present.
  • These metals must be in electrical contact.
  • The metals must be exposed to an electrolyte.
  • Given the above it is clear to see how, over the course of time, most outdoor metallic objects will begin to corrode, due to being paired with dissimilar metals as well as being exposed to natural elements and electrolytes. It is also important to realize how important understanding the different stainless steel fasteners grades can be.

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