What are the benefits of fine-threaded fasteners over coarse-threaded fasteners?

Last Updated on July 1, 2020 by Marsh Fasteners

Not sure what type of thread is required on your fasteners like screws, bolts, nuts and washers for your current or next application? Don’t feel alone. Many don’t and we’re here to help. Coarse-threaded fasteners rarely have the upper hand when compared to their fine-threaded counters for several reasons: it must be noted that coarse-threaded fasteners are the right solution for high-speed assembly as they won’t seize when being tightened. In most other instances, fine-threaded fasteners are far more beneficial. Fine-threaded vs. coarse-threaded fasteners seem to be an area of hot debate in many industries. It just takes a bit of product knowledge to know what to expect from each product. Let’s look at how fine and coarse-threaded fasteners compare.

Below are a few benefits of fine-threaded fasteners vs. coarse-threaded fasteners:

  • In terms of shear and tension, fine-threaded fasteners are stronger than coarse-threaded fasteners when compared size-for-size.
  • Fine-threaded fasteners have a smaller pitch which allows for simple finer adjustments when required.
  • The thread incline of a fine-threaded fastener is smaller which means that it won’t loosen easily. Coarse-threaded fasteners have a larger thread incline which makes it easy for them to loosen.
  • When working with hard materials and tubes with thin walls, fine-threaded fasteners will be easier to tap into the material than a coarse-threaded fastener.
  • In terms of developing matching bolt preloads, less torque is required with fine-threaded fasteners.

In summary, coarse threads are most commonly used in the majority of screws, bolts and nuts used for industrial assembly and disassembly. Fine threads are used in applications like thin-walled pipes and for applications that require a higher tensile strength, for example aviation manufacturing due to the resistance to loose on vibrations

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